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Company Name : Crazy Safar Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person : Mahendra Bhagat

Address : Off No. 247, B-wing, 2nd Floor, Jai Ganesh Vision, Akurdi

Mobile No: : +91-7447447201 / 03 / 04 / 05/ 06

Phone : +91-020-4630-3344

Email Id: :,,

Our Franchise

Basic Requirements to Setup Franchise

  • Minimum 100 sq. ft. Own or Rental Office Requirement (Agreement Copy Mandatory)
  • Minimum one computer / laptop.
  • Internet connection for web portal.
  • Minimum one employee or handle by own.
  • Notice Pin board for display.

  • Benefits With Us

  • Be an Own Boss – This is the right decision you have made to become a franchise with Crazy Safar. Take a Stand for Yourself / Identify the Right Business for You / Business Planning Improves Your Chances for Success. / Know Your Target Audience Before You Spend a Penny / Understand Your Personal Finances and Choose the Right Kind of Money You Need for Your Business / Build a Support Network / Sell By Creating Value / Get the Word Out…

  • Work Freedom - No matter what your role, it's likely that you have great freedom to define how ... “You mean to say that I can push the envelope as far as I want to give yourself time to think about your professional experience. What can you do to increase the percentage of your time devoted to projects that bring you joy and fulfillment”

  • Attractive Incentive on Targets – Crazy Safar started attractive Incentive on Monthly / Quarterly / Annually Targets to our franchise.
    Management team will have full right to change / modify incentive structure at any time it depends on situation.

  • Rewards & Recognition – As a Franchise you get Qtly / Half Yearly / Annually Appreciation with certificate / Trophy from Branch. Communication between management and employees whichrewardsthem for reaching specific goals or producing high quality results in the workplace. Recognizingor honoring employees for this level of service is meant to encourage repeat actions, through reinforcing the behavior you would like to see repeated. When employees know that their efforts are appreciated, it increases their self-esteem and satisfaction with their job. Their improved attitude toward their job encourages them to aim for quality and increases productivity. Not all employees or organizations will respond to the same type ofrecognition.

  • Domestic & International Tour – Everyone has an opportunity to travel on successfully completed target on yearly basis. As per chart of incentive structure.

  • Total Marketing Support – Marketing is necessary for every firm; company will do centralize marking all over, For do business you all required marketing help Branding, Advertisement, Brochure, Pamphlet, Banner, Visiting Cards, Flex Printing Web sites support, WhatsApp Support, Facebook Page, Instagram etc…however, many find it difficult to recruit or afford the skilled resources they need to handle time-consuming, repetitive marketing tasks.

  • Start up Plan Subscriber - Support without individual name Visiting Card
  • Growth Plan Subscriber - Support with individual name Visiting Card

  • Total Sales Support – You can close the deal with the help from Sales Team which conduct into the branch. Sales support specialists are responsible for providing support during the sales process. They help customers resolve sales-related issues in a timely manner, generally providing real-time support. Specialists also escalate issues as necessary to supervisors or other department in their organization. Sales Support Representative is a critical support role that will assist sales people with creating and sending sales proposals/contracts, processing sales orders, working closely with project management, and interacting with existing and new customers.

  • Training Support as per schedule – Everyone get training support by phone or you can attend the Training sessions which will conduct on branch every day or you can book a table on your convenient time for training. Out stations freelancer will have separate training plan in their local area which will be done depends on minimum count of freelancer.

  • Surprise Gift to Active Members - Monthly Active Franchise will get surprise gift from Branch. Full right reserve by Management Team.

  • Web Portal – You will get full software support with individual portal login with all your activities included on it.

  • Security Deposit – For both plans Rs.50000/- security deposit is applicable which is refundable.

  • Subscription Charges – Crazy Safar offering two types of subscription plans to everyone. Start Up plan valid for 1 yr. Growth plan valid for 3 yrs. Validity count from date of joining and subscription fee paid onwards till validity as per plan chose. This subscription fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please refer above table for subscription charges.

Note – Subscription charges will vary every month / quarter / year which will not fix and it will increase or decrease at any time. Full rights reserve by Management team. It will not effect to already subscriber which will remain same. Only at the time of renewal current charges are applicable.

Terms & Conditions for Franchise

  • Payout Incentive Amount consider without GST.

  • Discount amount is not included in incentives.

  • Eligible National & International Tour as per incentive structure.

  • Subscription charges are non refundable and non transferable.

  • Subscription charges are valid as per subscription plan.

  • Incentive amount will be release after successfully completion of the tour.

  • Incentive is not applicable to own family tour. Company offering special discount base on subscription plan.

  • Incentive structure is not fix it will change / modify at any time depends on situation. Management Team will have full right.

  • School / College / Institute tours are not applicable for Franchise.

  • Commission is not applicable for these activities - Local tours / Vehicle Booking / Train Tickets / Air Tickets etc.

Bank Details for online payment - NEFT / RTGS

Account Name - Crazy Safar Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd.
Bank Name - HDFC Bank Ltd.
Branch Address - B-Wing, Jai Ganesh Vision, Shop.76 & 77
Akurdi, Pune -411035
Current Account No. - 50200032883110
Bank IFSC Code - HDFC0000185

Premium Benefits Plans


Subscription Types / Plans

Start Up Plan Growth Plan
Validity 1 yr 3 yrs
Be an Own Boss



Work Freedom yes yes
Attractive Incentive on Targets. As Per Chart As Per Chart
Rewards & Recognition. yes yes
Domestic & International Tour yes yes
Total Marketing Support Support without Visiting Card Support with individual Visiting Card
Total Sales Support. yes yes
Training Support as per schedule. yes yes
Surprise Gift to Active Members yes yes
Web Portal yes yes
Security Deposit - Refundable Rs.50000/- Rs.50000/-
Subscription Charges- Non Refundable Rs.25000/- Rs.45000/-

Monthly Incentive Structure

Incentive Structure Rate Amount (Approx)
Business upto Rs.50000/- 10.00% Rs.5000/-
Between- Rs.50001/- to Rs.100000/- 11.00% Rs.11000/-
Between- Rs.100001/- to Rs.150000/- 12.00% Rs.18000/-
Between- Rs.150001/- to Rs.200000/- 13.00% Rs.26000/-
Between- Rs.200001/- to Rs.250000/- 14.00% Rs.35000/-
Above- Rs. 250001/- 15.00%  

 e.g. Business done Rs.300000/- in a month                

Above- Rs. 250001/- 15.00%     :     Rs.45000/-                             

Total Incentive on Rs.300000/-  :   Rs.45000/-        

Quarterly Incentive Structure
Quarterly Bonus upto Rs.750000/-   No Bonus Amount 5% bonus applicable Amount 7.5% bonus applicable Amount 10% bonus applicable
Above Rs.750001/- to Rs.1000000/- on additional
Above Rs.1000001/- to Rs.1500000/- on additional
Above Rs.1500001/- on additional

e.g. Business done Rs.300000/- per month = Rs.900000/- in Quarter                          

  Approx Amount    

I st Month - Rs.300000/-            :       Rs.45000/-       

II nd Month - Rs.300000/-          :       Rs.45000/-       

III rd Month - Rs.300000/-          :       Rs.45000/-       

Total Business in 3 months        :       Rs.900000/-            

Less No bonus                           :       Rs.750000/-            

Additional Amount                      :       Rs.150000/-          

10% Quarterly Bonus Applicable on Additional Amount         Rs.7500/-       

Total Incentive in Quarter           :       Rs.142500/-    

Annually Incentive Structure
  Start Up Growth

Business up to Rs.12 Lakh*   

*Goa Tour 3d/2n

*Goa Tour 3d/2n

Business up to Rs.18 Lakh*  *Bankok/Pataya 3d/2n *Bankok/Pataya 3d/2n